Sarens Helps Renovate Manhattan Center Tower in Brussels
Sarens Rental Equipment Operates for Renovation of Manhattan Center Tower in Brussels
October 2022

Sarens is the only company in the world that a client can approach for everything from a small crane up to the world’s largest lifting machine. Clients can even request to rent equipment for as little as a few hours at a time. Sarens provides small, easily-moveable solutions with enormous possibilities.

When a tower crane had to be dismantled and coolers had to be lifted in the busy city center of Brussels, Van der Spek and THV Besix – Louis De Waele contacted Sarens to execute the operation. With limited space available due to a busy city center, Sarens decided to deploy its LTM 1750. LTM 1750 was selected as it could do both the jobs within the same boom/jib configuration. The crane was taken from the Wolvertem yard to the site location by road by eleven trailers.

The LTM 1750 dismantled the tower crane, 120m high and weighing 9T, in around six hours. The base of the tower crane was lifted as one complete section. Limited space offered a challenge for outriggers and buildup of fly jib. Our crew of seven and the equipment completed the operation in five days. The client thanked the team for their professionalism.