Sarens New Crane Additions for Emission-Free Operations
Sarens adds 24 Tadano all-terrain cranes and six Tadano E-packs to its fleet.
October 2022

Sarens, a global reference in heavy lifting and specialised transport, has always been conscious about the environment. Our green initiatives are focused towards substantially reducing our carbon footprint. 

As part of our green initiatives, Sarens ordered 24 all-terrain cranes from Tadano for operations in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Poland, UK, and Australia. The cranes included six units each of the Tadano AC 3.055-1, AC 4.080-1, and AC 5.130-1, three units AC 4.100-4L, one AC 5.160-1, one AC 5.220L-1, and one AC 5.250-1. Sarens also ordered six E-Packs for use with the AC 3.055-1 and AC 4.080-1 cranes.

According to Jan L Sarens, Group Equipment Trade Manager, “The new cranes along with the E-packs will help us in reducing our carbon footprint. He adds, “The E-Packs are an environment-friendly solution and will enable virtually silent and completely emission-free crane operations.”